We want you to SHOW your style to the world!

We've crafted this piece with utmost AFFECTION, so that you can experience the best MOMENTS of your life. We want you to dive into the most beautiful beaches, but even if you just stay under the umbrella, be comfortable and beautiful!

We want you to feel the WATER, one of the most fundamental elements we need to LIVE. We aspire to be a part of all your styles, in all your moments. This is because the world CHANGES, and we change with it!

But, not every day in life is sunny. Often, there's rain, and it's up to us to either let it dampen our spirits, or to simply take this piece and refresh ourselves with the WATER FROM THE SKY - after all, enjoying a rain shower can be a great choice too.

We want you to enjoy, to live...but mostly to FEEL, everything that life has to offer at its best!

Live in your own way, you are beautiful, you are Acqua Rosa!

Welcome to your world, our world! <3 #acquaworld #thisismylifestyle

This is my life!

Weaving Dreams into Fabric - Our Founding Story

In the heart of Curitiba, Paraná, a dream took root in the mind of João Macedo, a recent graduate faced with the daunting uncertainty of limited opportunities. With entrepreneurship in his heart but no clear path forward, João embarked on a journey as a humble sales promoter for cosmetics, working door to door. This humble beginning laid the foundation for what was to become a remarkable venture into the world of fashion.

Within a year, João's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Sporting Way, a venture that began with selling lingerie, crafted with the help of his sister, and eventually expanded into the realm of regular-sized swimwear. Despite challenges such as fierce competition, scarce resources, and limited access to trend research due to the high cost of subscriptions, João's resilience shone through. Participation in trade fairs opened new doors, positioning Sporting Way at prestigious showcases and events.

The real transformation came a decade later. Spotting a shift in societal trends and recognizing the growing demand for inclusive sizing, João spearheaded a pivot to plus-size fashion, marking the birth of AcquaRosa. As a pioneer in plus-size swimwear, AcquaRosa became synonymous with style, comfort, and empowerment, catering to a segment long overlooked by the fashion industry.

João's lifelong admiration for fashion, kindled in his youth through the pages of fashion magazines, has fueled nearly three decades of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to stitching self-esteem into every garment.

From a local market focus to a global vision, AcquaRosa's legacy is not just in its innovative approach to plus-size fashion but also in its commitment to boosting women's self-esteem worldwide. This vision has been passionately carried forward by João's daughter, Sthefany, who grew up immersed in the family business. Sharing her father's passion for fashion, she pursued her dream of international exchange in the USA and resolved to expand the reach of Brazilian fashion and self-love to women everywhere.

AcquaRosa is more than just fashion; it's about crafting a world where every woman feels cherished, confident, and beautiful in her skin. Join us as we continue to bring Brazilian flair and self-love to the global stage.

Our beachwear line is characterized by bold designs, boasting a distinctive and innovative style. In 2006, we observed that many women did not fit into the standard fashion sizes. As a result, AcquaRosa began to focus on PLUS SIZE fashion. We’re a sustainable Brazilian activewear  and beachwear  brand that designs, creates, manufactures and sells supreme quality activewear and beachwear products.

Customers seek products with modern designs, unique prints, and exclusive accessories. This defines our ethos and explains the brand's success. AcquaRosa continually surpasses and satisfies the needs of modern women. Committed to quality, beauty, and comfort, the brand is becoming increasingly robust.

Made In Brazil.

High-quality materials, UV protection, highly breathable, sweat-wicking, crafted with the utmost quality and expertise in Brazil!

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