We want you to SHOW your style to the world!

We've crafted this piece with utmost AFFECTION, so that you can experience the best MOMENTS of your life. We want you to dive into the most beautiful beaches, but even if you just stay under the umbrella, be comfortable and beautiful!

We want you to feel the WATER, one of the most fundamental elements we need to LIVE. We aspire to be a part of all your styles, in all your moments. This is because the world CHANGES, and we change with it!

But, not every day in life is sunny. Often, there's rain, and it's up to us to either let it dampen our spirits, or to simply take this piece and refresh ourselves with the WATER FROM THE SKY - after all, enjoying a rain shower can be a great choice too.

We want you to enjoy, to live...but mostly to FEEL, everything that life has to offer at its best!

Live in your own way, you are beautiful, you are Acqua Rosa!

Welcome to your world, our world! <3 #acquaworld #thisismylifestyle

This is my life!

Weaving Dreams into Fabric

Our Founding Story

Our story began with João Macedo in Curitiba, Brazil. After graduating, he started selling cosmetics door-to-door. With hard work and big dreams, João opened Sporting Way. At first, he sold handmade lingerie with help from his sister. Then, he grew the business into regular swimwear.

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A Pioneering Shift Towards Inclusion

Even with tough competition and little money, João never gave up. Going to trade shows helped put Sporting Way on the map. But the real change came ten years later. João saw a need for plus-size fashion that made women feel confident and stylish. So he created AcquaRosa, a swimwear brand celebrating beauty at every size.

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Spreading Confidence & Self-Love Globally

For almost 30 years, AcquaRosa has turned João's love of fashion magazines into stylish, uplifting clothing. His passion continues through his daughter Sthefany. After studying in the USA, she is taking Brazilian fashion and body positivity worldwide. AcquaRosa is more than just clothes - it's about helping all women feel beautiful, inside and out.

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Made In Brazil.

High-quality materials, UV protection, highly breathable, sweat-wicking, crafted with the utmost quality and expertise in Brazil!

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